Case Studies



Organization redesign of six departments tasked to increase efficiency, effectiveness or risk having services outsourced.


Customized a four-level leadership program resulting in the Director receiving a national government leadership award for leading successful change. 

US Chamber of Commerce and AARP


Design a futures program for business leaders to encourage utilization of workers aged 50+ as part of long-term workforce planning.  


Created and delivered, with John B. Mahaffie, a multi-city workshop for 400+ business leaders incorporating 2020 workforce scenarios and workforce planning strategies to attract, retain workers 50+.


Maine State Government, HR Bureau


Help HR identify the work and workforce needed in 2025, with a particular focus on the impact of an aging citizenry and workforce.


Collaborated with prime contractor, Leading Futurists LLC, to prepare an extensive report on the likely future work and workforce requirements in 2025. Co-facilitated senior leader meeting to explore four future scenarios, identified future workforce requirements plus HR strategies to create the 2025 workforce. Recommended an age transition plan to bridge the skills and knowledge gap and build an age-diverse work culture. 

Association for Government Toxicologists


The organization was at a critical point: disband or reorganize for a better future.


By exploring a range of 2020 scenarios, the leadership recognized the organization would dissolve unless significant and immediate change occurred. They decided on several steps to create a better future: engage the membership to expand the mission, re-energize and attract new members thereby creating a leadership pipeline.

Speaking Engagements

The Future of Government Workforces: Serving the People in the 21st Century, 18th International Futures Conference, Finland University Futures Research Centre, Turku, Finland

Developing a Recruiting and Retention Culture, Association of Legal Administrators, Boston & Washington DC Chapters

Foresight and Resilience: Facing the Future, Prepared, Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network, Silver Spring, Maryland

NASA’s Leading Edge of Change, National Leadership Institute, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

Workforce Aging: An Intergenerational Perspective, World Future Society, Washington, DC

Emotional Intelligence: Being People Smart at Work, Society of Actuaries, Washington, DC

Engagement Strategies that Work, Housing and Urban Development, Office of Inspector General, Pittsburg, PA and Orlando, FL