What is Foresight?

Foresight is the act of looking forward, systematically assessing options for action, evaluating the impact of those options, then creating a strategic path forward. 

With the right tools you can recognize the whole of a situation, paying close attention to relevant, broad forces of change. You can discover what might go right, and what could go wrong.

Using a forward view, you can generate fresh thinking and novel approaches to organizing people and work for the future.

Foresight Services



  • Keynotes
  • Board Retreats
  • Professional Meetings


  • Trends & Futures Research
  • 10-Yr + Work/Workforce Futures
  • Future Competencies (custom)
  • Foresight – 6 Step Model


  • Executive Foresight
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Webinars

Workforce Futures Framework

Our one pager describes how we approach this in our consulting.

Brochure on Foresight

This brochure describes what foresight is, who uses it and how.

Work Trends

Coming soon!