Helping organizations build the future of work. 

Who We Are

Dr. Katherine L. Y. Green, and colleagues, are foresight consultants in Washington DC with clients in the US and around the globe.

As foresight professionals, we are dedicated to using futures principles and tools to help leaders explore what’s possible, anticipate change and decide on the best way forward.

We care that your organization is prepared for emerging as well as long-term futures.  We want to share our foresight expertise so you can achieve your future, your way.

What We Do

We help organizations explore the future of work, make strategic choices and raise institutional capacity to manage change.

Our cross-disciplinary approach, blending the behavioral sciences with the futures field, enables us to serve clients in unparalleled ways.

We offer fresh thinking, sound approaches to organizing work and people for the next generation and beyond.

Our goal is to help organizations approach the future prepared, not surprised.